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What We Do


Customize! by Foxy is an innovative custom manufacturing division of Foxy Originals. At Customize! by Foxy, we create promotional items to help your business make an impression. Ideal for special events, corporate gifts, client recognition, or a branded design. Customize by Foxy manufactures custom gifts, awards and incentives to help your business be remembered. We work with event planners, public relations firms, procurement companies, experiential marketing companies, charitable organizations, and corporate companies to help them promote themselves and make an impression.

Think big, get creative & we will take care of the rest.

We have a long standing reputation for quality and design. In our in-house, state-of- the art facility, we create pieces that will make a lasting impression. We use the latest technology to turn computer generated files into prototypes, and then integrate this technology with our casting process to create beautiful, high quality metal objects for you to use to promote your organization.

Our principles surrounding social responsibility and green manufacturing are paramount in everything we do. As we expect the best from ourselves, you will always receive the best we can deliver!